Paige Warner

Paige Warner

Paige Warner is a singer-songwriter who favours soul-stirring lyrics paired with catchy melodies and a common flavour of contemporary R&B.

She began singing at a young age and made her debut into the music world by singing at a local outdoor market for coins. Her love for music never dwindled, as she went on to feature at such festivals as Kitchener’s Summer Lights Fest and Owen Sound’s Summerfolk. Her debut EP, “Revealed”, released May of 2018, showcases her recipe of intimate lyricism combined with vibey sounds. Warner has also received praise multiple times in the media for her captivating voice and presence. “I’ve never heard a voice as evocative as Warner’s.” – TheRecord

Paige is skilled with more than just her voice, regularly accompanying herself with piano, guitar, or ukulele. Along with these instruments, she has interests in fashion and art. You can often find her with a tea in one hand and a pen in the other.

You will find her musical styles of interest if you enjoy artists like Sabrina Claudio, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Daniel Caesar.


“I’ve never heard a voice as evocative as Warner’s.”

“She’s obviously a born entertainer. She has crazy stage presence. She held the whole room in the palm of her hand. She just had to sing those first few notes and she captivated everyone. She’s just super talented.”

“Listening to Warner’s new album this past week, I’m already hooked on her catchy melodies and the inherent vulnerability of her lyrics and voice, conveying raw feelings and emotions on songs like Worth It, Please Don’t Look at Me, and the sensual contemporary R&B track, Undress.”

“It took some time, but Paige Warner has found her sound. And is it ever a good one.”

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Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour

WHISKEY SOUR is the duo of Jessie Steinberg and Hannah Chapplain. Jessie (photo left) brings a lot of joy and energy to the room playing percussion instruments and more. She’ll have the room coming to life.

Hannah is active with her own musical pursuits in groups and as a soloist. One thing that stands out is her beautiful voice that brings life to many popular songs.

When Whiskey Sour is at Fan/Joy, it’s a group participation night where you can be yourself. Very enjoyable performances every time.

Tyler Reed

Tyler Reed

Tyler has been playing music for over 20 years and teaching since 2010. He began studying music at a young age with several different teachers in the Orangeville area, and more recently completed a 2-year program at Metalworks Institute. There, he studied Music Performance and Technology with some of Canada’s best instructors.

Tyler’s musical interest ranges from rock, blues, and pop to more obscure hard rock, funk and jazz. He loves to share new music with his students. Tyler currently plays bass for the local rock band Delaney, and he has performed and recorded with dozens of other artists. When Tyler is not teaching or playing, he likes to spend his time in record stores or relaxing with family, friends, and his cats.

Soul Maître Ds

Soul Maître Ds

When two seasoned singer/songwriters like Henry Lees and Lawrie Ingles combine efforts, the results are bound to be as tasty and satisfying as your favourite old mixtape or new playlist.

Lawrie is one busy musician – singing, playing guitar, keys or bass in any number of bands at a time, including Elton Rohn, David Storey, Tristan Avakian, Southern Sky and Tyler Ellis and the Eddy Line. He’s also a talented songwriter and his wordplay-laden lyrics offer a trusting glimpse into his emotional and intellectual depth.

Henry has performed nationwide with actor, musician and Order of Canada honouree Tom Jackson on his Huron Carole benefit tours, sharing stages with exceptional and lauded talents like Shannon Gaye, Kristian Alexandrov, Natalie McMaster, The Rankins, Melanie Doane and Charlie Major.

They singularly shine on their own, but together, Lawrie Ingles and Henry Lees are uniquely and brilliantly entertaining.

Robert Maciag

Robert Maciag

Robert boasts a huge repertoire covering material from 60’s and 70’s singer/songwriters to more current classic rock,
country, jazz and originals all presented with a unique flare, humour and punctuated with solid finger style acoustic

With over 45 years experience in the entertainment industry, Toronto born Robert Maciag, singer/songwriter has done it all
having worked as a Toronto session singer, actor, recording artist, teacher, arranger/producer and performer. He has also
been heard on radio, seen on TV commercials and been on the Toronto musical theater stage seen by thousands.

He has toured Canada, taught Inuit children music for the Iqaluit Music Society, been Music Director for a Children’s show
and performed and recorded in Europe.

He has performed in hundreds of clubs and also successfully released 3 singles for airplay throughout Canada and garnered 4
Guinness World Records, 3 with Canadian Musicians for Liberty raising funds for the Red Cross aiding victims post 911 and
most recently for his participation in the Longest Concert By Multiple Artists which lasted 437 hrs., 54 mins and 40 sec.

Robert resides in Bolton, is happily married to wife Lisa and is father to four lovely children with two beautiful grand
daughters and a shiny new grandson.

Bryce Butcher

Bryce Butcher

Bryce Butcher is a born and raised small town country musician who thrives on sharing his love for “real” country music. Bryce, his wife Carla and their two sons still hang their cowboy hats in Erin, Ontario.

At 5 years old, Bryce picked up his first guitar, and has been playing ever since. He has spent over 20 years both playing and promoting his favorite old time country music influenced by country music artists including Stompin’ Tom Connors, Jerry Reed and Waylon Jennings.

As a founding member and lead guitar player for Settler’s Creek, Bryce travelled around Ontario playing for audiences of all sizes. Currently, Bryce is Erin Radio’s host of the popular Butcher’s Block every Sunday from 1 to 4 pm. His radio show is host to many independent artists who join Bryce in entertaining his listeners with live performances and stories and their adventures in the world of country music.

Bryce can often be found performing at corporate and private functions as a solo artist and with his reunited band members when possible.