COVID-19 Procedures, Updates & Sanitation Practices

Updated Wednesday April 1, 2020

These are uncertain and unprecedented times but what is not unprecedented is sanitation.  As food service professionals, we have always maintained effective cleaning and sanitation practices and I will continue to be vigilant in this regard.

We know that COVID-19 can live on cardboard, fruit, vegetables, plastic and even metal surfaces.  This week I’ve taken the time to educate myself, consult with health care providers and leaders in the food service industry and I will continue to keep updating myself and you on the procedures and offerings here at Fan/Joy.

Here’s what I’m doing to keep everyone safe:

  1. Kitchen, cooking and prep areas are all thoroughly disinfected and sterilized before I start cooking.
  2. I wear gloves at all times when I prep and cook food. I change those gloves if I am touching anything other than food.
  3. I am not going to the grocery stores to pick up any food supplies
  4. I have negotiated with two of my main food suppliers to have food dropped at my front door so that I will not have contact with delivery drivers.  I disinfect a table with one side that the new products go, which could be contaminated, and then another side that the sanitized products will go on. Then I carefully bring the items in, sanitizing each product and immediately remove all cardboard boxes from the building for recycling.
  5. Currently, I am using up food and packaging that I already have in the building.  This will allow my vendors and other businesses that I rely on as suppliers to ensure they are implementing best practices as we continue to learn more about the Coronavirus on a daily basis.

Here’s how to order take-out:

  1. I am now working alone at Fan/Joy. I do not answer the phone and cook at the same time.   If you would like an order, please leave me a voicemail, email me at or use our online ordering system for Gourmet to Go.
  2. The restaurant is now closed for both dine-in and take out service.
  3. Deliveries – So that I can serve as many folks as possible, the following will be our schedule for delivery of fresh and frozen Gourmet to Go meals:
    1. Fergus & Elora, Grand Valley: Thursdays
    2. Erin, Hillsburgh: Fridays
    3. Caledon, Orangeville, Damascus, Arthur: Saturdays
    4. Guelph, Eramosa & Rockwood: Sundays
  4. Note: In the weeks ahead I may not have all of the meal choices that I regularly do but the flip side of that is that I will also have some pop up daily features for you to enjoy for take out. I am also working diligently to assess what our most vulnerable populations need and how I can be of most use during this time to our community. I have developed new recipes in consultation with a dietician this week and now have meals for seniors at $10/per serving.

I look forward to continue serving you and your family.  I know that with our health at risk, getting adequate rest, exercise and eating healthy is more important than ever. I am here to help you with that and we will get through this together.

Chef Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW