This unique 60s alt-folk-rock trio is made up of Rick Groves, Brian Morris and Doug Hern. The genesis of the band came about when Rick and Brian met in the suburbs of Montreal during a crazy time in the 60’s. They had moved into duplexes backing onto each other. Fueled by their love of music, hockey and Monty Python, they became the best of friends. 

Soon they started playing and performing music together, mostly at house parties and local hang-outs. Before long they invited another friend, Doug, to join the band.  In those days they were known as Sunset and their early gigs included performing at coffee houses in and around Montreal. Amazingly they are somehow again performing together 5 decades later. 

In the years between, they relocated to Ontario and have wandered through both life and art but have always embraced their lifelong love of music. They have played in various bands over the years including the much maligned / acclaimed bands Odd Man Out, and Jerry and The Guys!

Drawing on many diverse influences of musicians, such as the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen and newer bands and artists, they perform songs stretching over more than six decades. From compelling versions of cover songs done in their unique style, to powerful originals performed from the heart, they will move you while not taking themselves too seriously. While producing a wall of acoustic music magic their goal is to always entertain.

It’s about the Journey… not the destination.