Wayne Neon is the illegitimate love child of Bob Dylan and Duke Ellington. Memorable melodies, clever lyrics, rich voices, and solid rhythms are his hang-ups. His laser focused folk, jazz, blues, rock, skiffle, country, mariachi, English Beat, Motown, Dixieland, Honky Tonk, shuffle, pop, beach party, lounge music gives new meaning to the word eclectic. Wayne Neon is a multi-instrumentalist who sings lead and harmony and plays guitar, flute, saxophones, and hand percussion.

Brian Morgan is a fiddler, bassist, and guitar player, whose musical experiences have included stints in a tuxedo-clad, lounge lizard quartet, a road-weary duo ill-named Mac’n’Tosh, a retro rock band called Bage Gao Bizi (Eight High Noses), which performed regularly in Chongqing (1988), as well as the Motorgrass band Jughead. Throughout, Brian has been writing original songs and performing them when permitted (or not).

Between the two of them, Wayne Neon and Brian Morgan are a whole damn variety show!

You can follow Wayne on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WayneNeon

Wayne was introduced to Fanjoy when he played in a trio with Mark Yan and Mehran Zarrabi in early October 2018. He really liked the vibe at the restaurant, as all the musicians end up experiencing, and now he’s returning along with Brian Morgan to do their thing in far flung Hillsburgh.

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