Shooting Stars …a wish for healing and togetherness

A children’s book about Covid by Pam Fanjoy MSW, RSW with illustrations by Anne Randeraad

When the excitement of March Break lead to the village playground being closed, this close group of school friends didn’t understand how the new Corona-19 virus was turning life upside down!  Washing your hands often, social distancing, wearing masks and empty grocery shelves suddenly had many of the children feeling very worried. Through the eyes of these children, a wise young boy named Seth becomes determined to find his own courage.  With a magical sense that something larger than himself will light the way to make sure that the village heals, Seth finds his wisdom in the quiet, still space where there are shooting stars. 

Support by buying one and gifting one to a children’s organization for the benefit of children’s mental health.  Book are available to pick up and delivery at the end of September.

Available for pick up at our Hillsburgh Fan/Joy Market Place and Culinary Studio.  For delivery in Canada, or the United States please make a note upon check out and we will contact you with further details.  Thank you for helping us support children’s mental health.