Counselling Services

At Fan/Joy we are feeding connection using food, innovative culinary programs, and a full range of counselling services, to create change that lasts a lifetime.  It’s like getting a FULL MEAL DEAL!  

We have a community of interdisciplinary professionals that can help you create the life you want, by creating more JOY, building healthier relationships and finding the best ways to nourish your own body, mind and soul.   We offer a wide range of individual, teen, family, nutritional & group counselling.  

Fan/Joy is best known for helping transitional age youth (14-29 years of age) and for revolutionizing how mental health services are delivered.   Chef Pam Fanjoy serves up an innovative culinary counselling model called Fan/Joy Junior Chef that brings teens and young adults into our commercial restaurant kitchen to cook up change in their lives.   We combine interactive, fun and delicious cooking sessions with helpful, therapeutic conversations that allow teens to build their confidence, move their life forward and solve the problems that are creating them stress.  Not only do our Junior Chefs look for cooking skills that help them give back to their family and take a load off of parents , they will also learn plenty about coping, problem solving, improving communication  and collaborating with others.   

Individual Counselling, Parent Educational and Support Groups and our Girls CONNECT groups are currently taking place on ZOOM.  We hope to resume small in person groups in the spring of 2021.  Click below for more information about our services.  

Individual CounsellinG

Get support from our team of Counsellors through our different offerings, from adult counselling, 30min Youth Booster Sessions Online to One on One Life Skills Junior Chef Sessions. 

Family Counselling

Family therapy is an approach that includes all family members whenever possible in the process of counselling. Click below to learn more and how Fan/Joy’s approach is different.

Educational & Support Groups

These Groups are aimed to provide support to Families, Parents, Adult children who are going through stressful episodes in life. 

Fan/Joy Junior Chef

the perfect solution for youth who don’t want to go to counselling and can use some friends and skills along the way.  This is NOT your ordinary cooking class!

Educational and support groups

Supporting Families, Youths and Individuals
Girl's PowerParents Groups

Girl's Power! An online support Group for Girls in Grade 7&8

$495 + HST for 7 weeks - 1.5 hour weekly - In person
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Registration: $495 + HST = $559.35 for 7 weeks
Girls only
Age: Grade 7 and 8
Dates: Wednesdays September 15th to October 27th
Class time: 4:00 to 5:30 PM
Location: In person – 10 Carden Shared Space Guelph

Girl’s Power!

An online support group for Girls in Grade 7 and 8

Brene Brown said “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

At Fan/Joy, we are inviting your daughter to find her true voice and the superpowers within her. This program will help nurture, strengthen, and encourage your daughter to allow them to be their best and authentic selves while also learning how to make long lasting, healthy friendships, give back to others by developing their leadership skills and speaking their truth, even when sometimes that can be hard.

With 4-6 girls in grades 7 and 8 our Team come together to explore topics such as friendships and bullying, mindful movement and meditation, body image and nutrition, and safe social media use. This program will help girls improve their confidence, create a safe space to explore their identities, build friendships, be creative, and develop the skills they need as they transition into their teenage years. These sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings from 4pm – 5:30pm.

Space is limited so register early

"You got this" Parent group - CONSCIOUSLY Pay WHAT you can - weekly - Zoom

Starting in April 2021.

This Group creates a safe place for parents to share, learn and unwind with other parents in similar situation. You are NOT alone and YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Registration link coming soon

Ride the Wave: Parenting your Anxious Child - $295 for 4 weeks - Weekly - Zoom

Starting in March 2021.

Subsidies available through Fan/Joy Impact Fund.

Registration link coming soon

Parenting Teens with Special Needs during COVID - Fees TBD - weekly - Zoom

Starting in March 2021. 

In this group, you will benefit from the expertise of our experts clinicians to support you, your child and your family through these unprecedented times. 

Registration link coming soon

Senior Care: Feeding Family Connections - Pay as you can - Frequency TBD - Zoom

Starting in March 2021. 

This group is especially designed to recreate the family connection when life gets in the way. Adult parents with busy life will get to reconnect with their ageing parents and address topic such as loss of independence. 

Registration link coming soon